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Mystic Power that Effortlessly Changes the Narrative of Life

The Most Ancient Autonomous Mystic Power Yoga.Simplest. Highest. At No Cost.Gives divine experiences of peace and nectarous joy. Establishes universal brotherhood. Paves way to prosperity. Leads to real and ultimate freedom.

Peace and Nectarous Joy

Where mind is without thought.

Absence of disturbance is Peace. Absence of any vibration whatsoever is Peace. For the mind, any thought is a disturbance, a vibration, be it pleasant or unpleasant. If and only if the mind becomes devoid of any thought, we can declare a state of peace. For those who till now believed we exist only till mind exists, Mahayoga precipitates the experience of pure existence, devoid of all thoughts.

Free from any thought whatsoever, one experiences the joy of pure existence.


Children of One Mother are Brothers.

Having brotherly relations with all, irrespective of race, religion and social standing, is something that humans have dreamed of, since the beginning of civilization. In Kundalini Shaktipat Mahayoga, we discover and experience the reality that in essence, we all are Children of the the same Mother Power. Thus Mahayoga automatically establishes brotherhood.

Brotherhood, which was a mere concept, becomes a matter of experience.


Let it come Naturally.

Prosperity comes naturally to peaceful and happy persons. The practical reason being, such persons would attract more people and hence more business towards them. Today Man has placed success on the highest pedestal. We have come to believe that with success, we will get happiness. However, research has shown that happy people are more successful. Not the other way round.

Mahayoga returns natural and rightful happiness to a person, for whom success comes as a byproduct.


Man's Ultimate Dream.

To achieve happiness, we struggle to acquire, possess and enjoy various "objects of desire". However, in the final analysis all such efforts fail to produce permanent happiness. Why? The reason is, as life goes, we begin to depend so much upon objects, that our happiness unwittingly becomes slave to these objects. How can a slave ever be happy? Freedom from such slavery is what Man subconsciously wishes for.

To the sincere seeker, Mahayoga certainly delivers this freedom.

Mystic Power Simply Explained

Power is Energy at work. Energy is of two kinds. Animate and Inanimate, i.e., Life and Non-life. From Heat to Atomic Energy, Scientists have made dazzling progress in the study of the powers of Non-life Energy.

Ancient Yogis of India were also seekers of knowledge. However they were focused on the other kind of energy. Life energy, the energy of Consciousness itself.

Just as Albert Einstein, the great scientist of modern times, found that matter can be expressed in the form of energy, Yogis realised that the entire creation is in fact an expression of Life Energy. It was given importance because it is this energy that is the basis of all human experiences.

In other words, our Life Force i.e. Prana Shakti is the energy of our consciousness. Ordinarily, this Life Force gives us experiences of smelling, tasting, seeing, touching and hearing and ordinarily, our life force, i.e. consciousness terminates in the mind.

When the Current of Life Energy, crosses the barrier of mind, it is said to have entered the Mystic Domain. The Power is now called Mystic Power because here, it will work autonomously, to raise the human consciousness to its highest potential, i.e. the point of origin. From that absolute vantage point, the reality of all creation, including our own existence, is realized.

While various forms of Yoga such as Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga and Raja Yoga are the rigourous and difficult ways to attain this, Kundalini Shaktipat Mahayoga is the only effortless way.

In Kundalini Shaktipat MahaYoga, the Mystic Power in the Guru, redirects the Life Force of the seeker, into his or her Mystic Domain. Thus thanks to benevolent Grace of Guru, an amazing journey begins.

On this journey, one not only gets amazing experiences beyond the physical, but also experiences emergence of favourable conditions in health and at work. If this is not changing the narrative of life, then what is?

You may now want to go to the top of this page and take a look at some of the rigorous Yoga forms which require years of effort and practice…

Kundalini Shaktipat MahaYoga: Effortless. Enjoyable. Free.

Effortless: Mystic Mother Power does everything

In sharp contrast to the four rigourous yoga forms, in Mahayoga, you do not have to do anything at all. The Mystic Power Kundalini Shakti gets done all the yoga kriyas (actions) that are appropriate to our inner state. Just to give two examples, Kundalini on the plane of HathaYoga, is known as 'Kriyawati Shakti' (क्रियावती शक्ति).

The initiated person then involuntarily performs the exercises of HathaYoga, sush as Asanas, Mudras and Pranayama. He may also perform exercises not seen in any Yoga text. On the plane of MantraYoga, Kundalini is known as 'Kalawat Shakti' (कलावती शक्ति). The initiated person involuntarily utters syllables or mantras.

Enjoyable: Amazing divine experiences

Man is a bundle of desires. Since we believe that happiness lies in satisfying these desires, most of our life is spent in applying our life force in experiences that connect our senses with their objects. Such experiences are conveyed only to the ‘I’-ness stationed in the organ known as mind. This ‘station’ of consciousness is known as ‘ego’, the very barrier between the world and our Real Self. In all such experiences, the Real Self remains dissatisfied.

The roused Kundalini Shakti is also our life current. The only difference is that it interacts with our desires even before they appear in the mind. This Inner Interaction autonomously produces movements that result in joy that is experienced by the Real Self which is neither body nor mind.

Free: Pay no fees. Ever.

We are accustomed to living in a world in which we do pay for goods and services that we receive. There is nothing wrong in this, since such transactions involve the use of material resources. Rousing the Mystic Power Kundalini, does not require any physical and material resources. Moreover, the Guru who is instrumental in this process, knows that he is but a medium. Hence not charging any fees is in keeping with the true nature of Shaktipat MahaYoga.

All that now remains is finding the right medium, the Guru.

Guru: The Power. The Human Medium.

The power which removes ignorance is known as Guru Shakti. In Mahayoga, it is the Mystic Kundalini Shakti that autonomously does this work for us. Since we are yet to experience this power, the human medium through whom the rousing of this Mystic Power takes place is the Siddha Guru.

Before looking for Shaktipat Guru...

Glimpse of Mahayoga: A Simple, 42-day Introductory Mahayoga Path.

Explained here, is the Introductory Mahayoga Path or Mahayoga Purvabhyas, the simplest way to get a glimpse of this effortless path. Hidden in the Bhagavad Gita, the universally accepted Yoga Scripture, It was introduced to the world by P.P. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, Shaktipat Mahayoga Guru who always said, “Mahayoga is a India's gift to the whole world.”

By this simple practice, the very first experience is that of of peace, i.e. a mind without any thought whatsoever. The experience may be momentary and just a glimpse, but it does result in nectarous joy that is free from the burden of any desire related thoughts. On a practical side, its regular practice improves concentration. On a deeper level, it begins to cleanse the mind by removing unnecessary thoughts and stubborn tendencies, including addictions.

As a result, by this Introductory Practice itself, we begin to become better at what we do. Studies. Games. Work. Everything.

In Mahayoga Introductory Path, we offer our mind to the Divine Mother Power i.e. Power of the Soul. For the mind, our own breath is the pranic power. We SUBMIT our mind to the process known as breathing, because, breathing is actually done by the Divine Power granted to the Soul. Thus, since it's not possible to think directly of soul, we must devotedly and calmly follow our own breath, just for some time.

So then, here are the simple steps for Introductory Mahayoga Path:

  • Sit in any comfortable position preferably on a woolen mat spread on the floor or else on a chair. Relax the body completely, as if it does not exist.
  • With deep devotion to Divine Power of Soul, close the eyes calmly and let AUTOMATIC breathing take place. With devotion, the life current at once starts rising up and up from the bottom of the backbone to top of the head.
  • Now, ALLOW breathing take place automatically. DO NOT interfere in that process. This is the cardinal point.
  • Keeping the eyes closed, let mind only and only follow the Air that AUTOMATICALLY enters or leaves the nose. Or sometimes remains without any movement.
  • Continue THIS DEVOTION for 18 minutes or more. Enjoy the currents of joy. If any involuntary movements or changes in body or mind take place, just allow them, without getting afraid. It means pure Soul Power (Atma-Shakti) is autonomously purifying the body of its imperfections or the mind of its ego based tendencies.

Shaktipat Initiation (Deeksha): Kundalini Awakening by the Grace of Siddha Guru:

Kundalini Shakti, the life current of Inner Consciousness can be awakened by rigorous yoga forms, all time consuming, prone to errors and most importantly, prone to leave a residual ego. These methods also require constant guidance of Acharya i.e. teacher of skills.

However, there is an easier way, viz. availing of Shaktipat Initiation (Deeksha), i.e. connecting with the elevated spiritual potential of Siddha Guru, by whose intentional grace known as Siddha Sankalp, the Kundalini is awakened. The only effort on our part is setting aside our ego. Keeping the Grand Goal in mind and the uncertain length of life, this is best way.

Shree Vasudev Niwas is the Prime Seat of Kundalini Shaktipat MahaYoga. It has a historically recorded Siddha Guru lineage of two centuries. The sole aim of this Siddha Shaktipat Guru Lineage is the upliftment of anyone who earnestly seeks the same. Irrespective of race, caste, creed, age, gender and social standing.

If you have tried out the Introductory Mahayoga Path for at least 42 days, you may wish to take a look at the Prayer Letter for Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation (Deeksha) by going to the TOP of this page.

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