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Devotion to Divinity

Worship i.e. Bhakti Yoga is practising devotion to divine power with body, word and mind. The purpose is to win the grace of that divine power, so that our consciousness stands aligned with the powers of that divine power. At Shree Vasudev Niwas, the divine power is Guru Shakti, in the form of Bhagwan Shree Dattatreya’s Lotus Feet, i.e. 'Guru Paduka'.

Another name for Divine Power is GOD. Someone has very aptly said that the word GOD is an acronym for Generation-Operation-Dissolution the eternal cyclic movement of the Universe. It is in fact a process that can be observed in all phenomena. The precision seen in innumerable phenomena eliminates the possibility of accident and therefore attributable only to Forces of Divine Will.

This cyclic movement is carried out by the divine forces of Generation, Operation and Dissolution. These are seen in Indian Philosophy, as belonging to the Divine Trinity named Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh, respectively.

Since this Trinity is actually One, that One is Lord Shree Dattatreya and thus, Worship of Lord Shree Dattatreya is the combined Worship of the forces and elements of Nature.

Sage Patanjali, the Yoga Sage has stated that attainment of the goal of Yoga is possible only by having an inner attitude of surrender and devotion to Ishwara i.e. Almighty, i.e. Divinity.

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