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Welcome to Shree Vasudev Niwas

Shree Vasudev Niwas. Abode of Divine Wealth. Home without Walls. Just like your heart and the heart of all humans. Sanskrit words are powerful ‘explosions’ that carry and transmit their native meaning. In the name ‘Shree Vasudev Niwas’, ‘Shree’ is ‘Power of Divine’, ‘Vasudev’ is ‘Abode of Divine’ and ‘Niwas’ is ‘eternal abode’.

In fact, Divinity is all-pervading and hence, it is also seated in all animate and inanimate Creation. Thus Divinity is also present within us all. The potential to experience this Divinity is what sets humans apart from all other creatures on the earth. Experiencing this divinity and establishing its power as the seat of our existence, is attaining the highest human potential. It is also known as Self Realization.

Now, if there is any effortless and enjoyable way to get transported to this goal of Self Realisation, it is the way of Mahayoga, also known as Siddhayoga.

Situated in the heart of Pune City in India, Shree Vasudev Niwas is the Prime Seat (Aadya Peeth) of MahaYoga, the effortless and highest Vehicle and the most ancient Yoga Path, which AUTOMATICALLY transports us into the realms of Divinity present within us all.

Shree Vasudev Niwas conducts the unconditional task of unlocking this hidden human potential for anyone who seeks it sincerely.

Once this potential is unlocked, the ‘traveler’ in this vehicle of Mahayoga also experiences unparalleled peace and happiness, the driving forces of prosperity in this world, a human goal, which Mahayoga does not negate and deny.

The autonomous process of integration of body, mind, soul and spirit also results in good health, freedom from stubborn vices and a mind that becomes progressively calm and stable.

Mahayoga connects us with Divine Mother Power from which all Creation has descended. Mother Power is that power from which brothers are born. When the same Mother is experienced by two humans, at once their brotherhood is automatically established. Brotherhood that has always eluded mankind.

This wonderful MahaYoga is available free of cost, to one and all on the face of this earth. It is a gift from India to the entire world.

Shri Vasudev Niwas

42/17, Karve Road, Near Nal Stop

Erandwane, Pune 411004 (INDIA)


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 Shri. P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj and Shri. P.P. Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj Smarak Trust Pune

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