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Highest Human Potential

From Humanity to Divinity

Modern thinkers have variously described Man as a ‘Social Animal’, a ‘Thinking Animal’, a ‘Political Animal’ and so on. The great writer and philosopher of modern times, William Shakespeare describes Man as a ‘Paragon of Animals’, meaning, ‘example of perfection among animals’. In all descriptions, the common factor is ‘animal’.

Sages of India have said that a creature goes through a series of births and rebirths, with residual tendencies of previous births, before finally getting the human birth.

So to begin with, Man does have tendencies of other creatures. Hence we hear phrases such as, "cunning as a ...", "wily as a ...", "greedy as a ...", and so on.

Astrology too, states that human individuals have inborn tendencies and even desires corresponding with some prominently identified creatures such as horse, elephant, goat, snake, dog, cat, ram, rat, lion, buffalo, tiger, deer, monkey, mongoose, cow and so on.

The point arises, if Man spends his entire life trying to satisfy desires of say, the goat or the buffalo, is he not then simply a more clever animal? Is Man simply destined to struggle in a bid to satisfy himself no more than other animals?

With this, several other questions should also arise in Man’s mind. With such animal tendencies prevailing widely amongst humans, is peaceful co-existence possible? Will such animal tendencies permit unbiased thinking in the human mind about any subject at all?

Fortunately, in addition to these tendencies and unlike all other creatures, humans have two aspects that are not present in other creatures, namely, the creative aspect and the spiritual aspect.

While the creative aspect in other creatures is limited to procreation and survival, humans have potential to scale other heights of creativity. This is evident in the dazzling progress Man keeps making in science and technology. Have we seen any other creature come up with any invention whatsoever?

Again, knowingly or unknowingly, Man has a spiritual aspect too. Don't we all yearn for some experience that is beyond the physical and beyond mind? This essentially is a wish and a yearning for the spiritual.

Yoga, the Practical Science declares that only humans have the potential to transcend all animal tendencies. When these tendencies begin to dissolve, it marks the beginning of the human mind getting established in the unalloyed power of the Soul, i.e. Divinity. Humans who attain this transformation of consciousness, become their own masters, in stark contrast to the world being their master, peacefully and freely enjoying the entire Creation. Realizing such transformation is the Highest Human Potential.

Kundalini Shaktipat Mahayoga, also known as Siddhayoga is the simplest way to realise this Highest Human Potential.

Kundalini Shaktipat Mahayoga

Ancient. Simplest. Highest.

Mahayoga gives Peace and Nectarous Joy.

Establishes Universal Brotherhood.

Paves way to Prosperity.

Leads to Real and Ultimate Freedom.

Peace and Nectarous Joy

Where mind is without thought.

Absence of disturbance is Peace. Absence of any vibration whatsoever is Peace. For the mind, any thought is a disturbance, a vibration, be it pleas


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